It is an ordinary semisweet red grape wine.
"Zhozefna" – is a magical, colorful, touching, exciting blood. Diversity of European red grapes, softness of Odessa black sort and aristocratic Cabernet are united in this wine. Deep red color is fascinates with ruby shades. Delicious flavor with notes of red berries and harmonious moderately fresh taste give an unforgettable pleasure.
  • Cold wine bottling

    A state of the art technology, which enables the preservation of all natural wine characteristics and highlights the taste, aroma and natural color of the beverage.
  • Wine condition

    Alcohol Sugar Capacity
    9,0-12,0 4,0-5,0 0,7
  • Recommended serving temperature 13-15C

    Open a bottle 20 minutes before use to give to the wine to spread its full bouquet.
  • Recommended meals:

    salads with meat, cold cuts, fruit desserts.