Ukrainian Cahors wine "Koblevo"

Ordinary fortified red sweet wine
Exclusive wine is made from noble grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Odessa Black, Saperavi, Bastardo Magarach. Perfectly balanced wine has a full right to be proud of its lush bouquet overflowing with tones of prunes. Thanks to the spicy flavors of prunes, wine has velvety and slightly astringent taste.
  • A cold process bottling is used.

    This modern technology allows to preserve natural characteristics of the wine and helps to demonstrate its harmonious taste, wonderful aroma and rich color.
  • Wine condition

    Alcohol Sugar Capacity
    16,0 16,0 0,75
  • Recommended serving temperature 18-20C

    A bottle is be opened 20 minutes before consumption, it helps the wine to deliver its full bouquet.
  • Recommended dishes:

    Desserts, chocolate, cakes, ice cream.