Dry varietal white grape wine
Produced from pink Traminer grapes. Bright juicy wine with a distinctive floral bouquet that reflects an unusually gentle tone of tea rose. Acacia and white honey add an extraordinary sweetness to its aroma. Fruit notes and notes of fresh quince complete the taste and fill it with a pleasing sense of roughness in the wine.
  • Cold process bottling

    Its a modern technology, which allows to save natural properties of wine and to reveal its harmonious taste, wonderful aroma and rich colour.
  • Wine condition

    Alcohol Capacity
    9,7-13 0,75
  • Recommended serving temperature 13-16C

    Open a bottle 20 minutes before use to give to the wine to spread its full bouquet.
  • Recommended meals:

    Traminer goes with Desserts, cheeses, seafood (mussels, oysters, etc.).