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Degustation tour to Koblevo – Explore the mystery of wines creation of TM KOBLEVO

It is possible to fully feel the soul of wine and to experience the supreme pleasure from taste of sunny beverage of Gods only in certain places. One of those wonderful places where nature creates a best grape and talented winemakers produce a perfect wine - is Koblevo village situated in the wonderful corner of nature between the Black Sea and the Tiligul estuary.

PJSC "Koblevo" opens a door to the degustation tour for all the guests of the sunny coast - the connoisseurs of quality wine and those who are just discovering the noble drink.

Each year thousands of visitors from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, as well as from France, Italy, Switzerland, China, Germany and other countries visit the enterprise. Degustation tour "Koblevo" offers you a great opportunity to see the full production process of its Majesty wine: from grape growing and primary processing before fermentation, filtration, and cold treatment and, ultimately, to bottling wine to the bottles.

Top winemakers of "Koblevo" not just tell about sorts of grape and teach you with all the niceties of proper degustation, explain the rules of the compatibility of different wines and dishes. It is very important that this noble beverage would emphasize the taste of the dish and would not enter to the fight for the taste effect.

Degustation tour to PJSC «Koblevo» is:

  1. Excursion to PJSC Koblevo
  2. Introduction to all the stages of modern production
  3. Examination of vine growing features
  4. Professional degustation of the best wines
  5. Training Enogastronomy fineness
  6. Visiting of unique picture gallery
  7. Possibility to purchase wines in the brand-name store “Koblevo”

Excursion group: 10 50 people

Working time (Mon.-Fr.): 10:00 12:00; 14:00 16:00

Cost of degustation:

Classic 90 uah./per.

Luxe 180 uah./per.

Among products presented for degustation, everyone will find a wine by its taste. The brightest memorable wines are always available at the brand-name store "Koblevo".

All the participants of the degustation can also visit a unique picture gallery located in the territory of "Koblevo".
And here you can also make the most concealed wish and it will obviously come true - you just have to touch the stela placed in honor of sworn brotherhood of "Koblevo" winemakers and the French region of Beaujolais, famous for its young wines and located on the same 46th parallel with vineyards of Koblevo.

Visiting degustation tour and after being seen the whole process of natural grape wine production with your own eyes, you'll stay an admirer of natural wines TM KOBLEVO forever.

Juicy grape, tender sea, unsurpassed wines and great mood ... The hospitable land of natural wine making can offer all the best and is waiting for you!

For all the details is tel: +38 (051) 539-65-39; +38 (050) 404-35-95.

Brand-name store Koblevo: +38 (051) 539-65-39

KOBLEVO the wine of my county!