Production of cognacs

The background of cognac creation was the skills of winemakers that had reached excellence under the wine brand KOBLEVO. More than 30 years of winemaking under TM KOBLEVO and consistently high quality of this product identified new ways of brand development in area of cognac production. Based on numerous researches of cognac market, customer needs, the company had made a long-term work on the creation of cognac TM KOBLEVO before its market launching.

Especially for the production of cognac TM KOBLEVO was built “Nikolaevskiy Cognac Factory” that possesses advanced equipment from European manufacturers. The plant is equipped with an ultra-modern Italian bottling line with the capacity of 6 thousand bottles per hour, and the total capacity of the plant can reach 2 million bottles per month. For the production of cognac TM KOBLEVO under the classic French technology were purchased Charante alembics from the famous company “Prulho”, which has been producing equipment for the production of French cognacs since 1948.

Thanks to the skills and experience of winemakers, own vineyards, aging cognac in oak barrels, - we managed to create an exceptional cognac with an individual taste under the classic French technology.

Cognacs "Koblevo"